Service Learning

My service learning project is to garden at Saint Mary’s College Legacy Garden. Gardening is a great way to go green. Not only does it benefit the students of the campus by being healthy, it also benefits the environment. This is a video that shows how the Legacy Garden at Saint Mary’s College was built. The class of 2012 plus SMC’s soccer team were the first group to start this environmentally friendly way of living at the college campus.

Why I think gardening is a great way to go green?

My grandparents love to garden in their own backyard. In doing so, they have influenced my parents to engage in growing some of our own fruits and vegetables. I think gardening is great because:

How do gardens help the environment?

Gardens  contribute to the environmental cycle of the earth. The landscape of a garden not only serves as a beautiful scenery for the community, but each aspect has its own function which helps the ecosystem prosper.

The soil of many backyard gardens do not contain pesticides nor harmful chemicals. Instead, gardens are grown ad maintained naturally which is helpful for the environment because it does not release bad toxins into the air. Therefore, when the air and the soil is natural and healthy, so are the plants and crops that are grown from it.

Grass has the ability to make the outside of a house, pretty. Not only does it have the power to do that, grass also acts as the breakdown to pollutants for the environment. Thus, grass enables people to breathe in enough oxygen. In addition, because grass is able to trap dust and control the pollutants in the air, it helps people breathe the oxygen healthily and without trouble.

Trees are also a major aspect to gardening. If a garden contains fruit trees or such, the garden will be able to have many outputs for the environment. For example, there are many environmental benefits for planting an apple tree. First off, apple trees produce fruit for people, but by utilizing the sunlight for energy to do so. An apple tree can serve to other crops in the garden by being its shade to excessive heat from the sun, provides nitrogen for the other crops to have energy to grow, and as the fruit tree attracts insects, other crops in addition to the fruits of the tree will become healthy.

How can gardening benefit you?


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