Activism/Social Change

This is a video about how one interprets “going green” which resembles many mentalities about how simply identifying yourself as living a green lifestyle is enough without acting on it. Again, please excuse the vulgar and rude language.

This video suggest that we all don’t follow Gary’s point of view about going green. Yes, you may have recycled a piece of paper today, but is that really enough? One thing that I learned about change for it to take place is to have congruency. If you want something to happen, you have to be congruent in both your ideas and your actions. If you don’t walk the talk, your words are meaningless and empty. However, if you are congruent in matching what you say with what you do then you are fully contributing in the efforts to making this environment better and you can pat yourself on the back for being a “Green” individual.

Check out this link for organizations that help the environment!


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