About Me

Welcome! This is Sam’s page made to educate the citizens of the planet earth of the detrimental acts in which we all engage in that is harmful to the environment. In educating you, I hope to encourage you to partake in the little acts of “going green” for the betterment of everyone’s lives today, tomorrow and the future. You may not think that one person can make a difference, but if you add up every individual that goes green, the collective efforts accumulate to contribute to the environment’s well-being. The purpose of this website is to convey the message of Garett Hardin as he states in his essay on Lifeboat Ethics, “Since we all share life on this planet…no single person or institution has the right to destroy, waste, or use more than a fair share of its resources.” Therefore, we all have the individual responsibility to care for this planet in which we all live in for the improvement in the environment.


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